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Phase 1: Relief Care

Thumbs Up to Relief

Many people go to a chiropractor because they are in pain. In this first phase of care, the main goal is to reduce your symptoms. Sometimes this will require daily visits, or two to three visits per week for a time.

Most people are under the assumption that if they don't feel any pain that there is nothing wrong with them and that they are healthy. Unfortunately, pain is a not a good indicator of health. In fact, pain and soreness only appear after a disease or other condition has become advanced. It is the last symptom to show, and usually the first to go away.  Our goal is to actually heal what ails you, which takes more time than just removing the pain. Doctor Lee customizes a treatment schedule for every patient according to their body's needs - and though this first phase is the most dramatic, it is merely the beginning of your journey to complete wellness.